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Stuffed Avocado

Who said lettuce has to be the base for your healthy, green, plant-based meal?

Place some ripe avocado in your bowl and build your meal on top!

I added these delicious nuggets of flavor but you can make your own!

  • cauliflower rice (regular rice works too) seasoned with a little soy or teriyaki

  • chopped scallions

  • fresh cilantro (sub in parsley if you’re not a cilantro fan!)

  • roasted corn

  • ️warm chickpeas

  • shelled edamame

  • fresh diced pineapple

  • fresh diced mango

  • sesame seeds

filling ✅

healthy ✅

vegan ✅

colorful ✅

flavorful ✅

gluten-free ✅

dairy-free ✅

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