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I recently met a new friend and colleague one mid-afternoon spring day. I almost ordered coffee, and considered kombucha, but then I noticed the Golden Latte and was intrigued. It just sounded like it was good for me.

Steamed oat milk (I swapped it for almond) with turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper and raw honey.

Well, it was funky! Neither sweet nor savory but I felt healthier just sipping it as we talked. Why?

Turmeric has so many great benefits:

  • It may slow signs of aging (I say as 50 approaches…)

  • ️It can reduce the risk of heart attack by fighting off free-radicals

  • It can lower blood sugar levels while stimulating insulin production

  • The circumin in turmeric enhances protection of some of our vital organs from alcohol-related damage

  • It is used in India as a remedy for coughs and the flu (not COVID!)

You can juice turmeric root or use the powder form and make your own version of the Golden Latte. I think it’s worth a try!

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