"Food should nurture and comfort you, taste good and be good for you!"

Meet Yonni


After struggling to feel well for years, experimenting with various diets and workouts (healthy and not so healthy...) I was told the only solution was to follow a strict vegan, plant based diet. A daunting new way of life turned into a love of cooking and a passion for helping others feel their best.

Follow along for healthy, original recipes and tips. You can contact me for individual, personalized coaching.


I look forward to sharing my journey with you!​

Recipes & Tips 


I believe we eat with our eyes first. Your plate should look good and taste wonderful ~ healthy does not mean compromising on deliciousness!


I love making my own dishes and adapting others to make them more suitable to my own needs. Follow along and let me help you do the same!

Nutrition Counseling & Health Coaching


I have worked with many clients over the years, from children to teens to adults, helping them find a nutritional program that works best for them.


My training at Institute for Integrative Nutrition has increased my skills for enhancing the client experience, crafting individualized programs to suit their needs and wellness goals.

"A few years ago I was looking to finally transition from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. I had no idea where to begin so my mother suggested talking to Yonni.  Yonni gave me great tips on getting started and how to maintain veganism. To this day I still utilize the advice she gave me and strongly recommend anyone looking to make this change in their life to consult with her. She is kind and patient and will point you in the right direction."

~ Morgan M.

"I've been teaching myself how to eat for a long time. Hearing from someone else is better. Yonni has a way of exploring different options that work for your lifestyle and your palette. She's knowledgeable, talented, realistic and an amazing chef! Love working with her!"

~ Andrea C.

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