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Drink Water!

Seems simple right?

It’s free, accessible, essential - but how often do coffe️e or soda (or wine) get more play than water even though it’s benefits are so much better?

Water saves calories! Why drink a sugar-filled juice or soda when this fills you up, keeps things moving and is calorie free?

Water keeps us hydrated, so it keeps our skin looking young.

Water Helps us recover from a work out. Go ahead - add some electrolytes or a squeeze of fresh citrus for flavor - it’s all good!

Water keeps us lubricated and cools us from a sweat, keeping us in balance.

Did you know a 2012 British study found that drinking water during exams helped students perform better?

Plus... dehydration can make you grumpy. Drink water ~ be happy! Well, it doesn’t fix everything but it helps!

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