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Sleep and Alcohol

A night cap is an interesting concept. A drink before bed can surely be a cap to your day, but did you know that while drinking alcohol in the evening may help you drift off to sleep, it may actually bring on restlessness later on in the night? For those who tend to drink alcohol thinking it will help keep insomnia at bay, it may, in fact, do the opposite.

In a recent article published by The NY Times it explained that during the earlier part of your sleep, alcohol works like a sedative. As it’s metabolized by your body however, you start to experience REM sleep again, perhaps more clearly, and with more anxiety-filled dreams, than on a usual night (and you may be waking more to find the closest bathroom too...)

Interesting food (or drink) for thought. If you do choose to drink, perhaps focus more on cocktail hour or dinner time than after. And of course, please do not drive if you know (or even think) you shouldn’t!

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