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Did you know that, since ancient times, oregano has served as a symbol of joy and happiness for Greeks and Romans (well, I guess that would be Italians today…)

Apparently, it was a tradition for Greco-Roman couples to be crowned with oregano at their wedding.

Its flavor palate, somewhat woody and similar to marjoram, works well in Mediterranean recipes.

I mean, what’s pizza or tomato sauce without oregano?

If you are cooking with oregano, the best way to maximize the flavor is to wash the leave

s and then roll them in your hands and crush them, releasing their oils and bringing out their full aroma.

When making soup, or roasting any variety of foods, you can make a bouquet garni (an herb bundle.) With some cooking string, tie together strands of oregano with a combination of basil, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram or tarragon and drop it into the soup.

You get the essence of each of those herbs without tiny pieces floating around which could wilt or become too bitter (or, worse, get stuck in your teeth!)

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