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The Dirty Dozen

What foods are best to buy organic?

If you’re not sure, the Environmental Working Group listed it’s 2021 Dirty Dozen ~ the most important foods to buy organic. Due to their highly permeable skin, washing is not enough to remove pesticides and chemicals used in farming. If you buy any of these 12 ingredients, and can find them organically grown in markets near you, it is recommended you do.

Important Tip: If you don’t want to spend the money on all organic produce, or have trouble finding organic produce where you are, you can:

A) Buy local produce. It is less likely to have chemicals and pesticides because it doesn’t have to withstand travel.

B) It is less important to buy organic foods with tough, inedible outer layers because you don’t eat the peel: avocado, nuts, banana and so on.

C) If you’re buying frozen or canned foods, read the labels to see what accompanies the fruits or vegetables inside the packaging.

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