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A Lighter Cocktail

Everything in moderation.

If someone were to ask me my food motto, that would be it. I spent so many years placing food and drink in categories of good for you, maybe once in a while and absolutely not. That did not serve me as well as it might sound.

Today, there are surely still foods I avoid, but when I do want to indulge I feel less guilt (or none at all) because I do so in moderation. That goes for drinking too. I do enjoy a glass of wine and limit my cocktails, but when I'm in the mood for one, I always look to tequila first (no worms please!) Tequila, because it comes from the agave plant, does not spike your blood sugar the way other liquor can and it less likely to leave you with a headache the next day (assuming you're drinking it in...moderation.)

This recipe was named by a bartender at the W Hotel in Seattle back in January 2011. He loved the blend of ingredients when I told him what I was craving and said it needed a name!

The Tipsy Vegan

1 oz. tequila (I prefer Casamigos)

Juice from ½ lime plus a slice for garnish

½ TBSP pineapple juice

Splash of club soda

Just shake, pour over ice and enjoy!

If you like it spicy, eliminate the pineapple and drop in a couple of slices of jalapeno.

I don't like a salt or sugar rim, but do what you like best.

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