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Cauliflower Rice Risotto

Cauliflower rice can be a great low carb, low calorie replacement for rice itself.

And it's everywhere these days ~ even in pretzels! I like it best as it began. As a vegetable!

Last night I turned it into risotto. Here's what to do:

Heat some extra virgin olive oil in a skillet

Add 1 large yellow onion, finely diced and start to saute

Once it starts to cook down add:

1 package of shiitake mushrooms, finely diced

1 package of frozen cauliflower rice

1 TBSP fresh lemon juice

Once then “rice” if fully thawed add 1 TBSP each of finely chopped chives and dill.

If you want, you can add large bite sized pieces of drained, firm tofu or cooked shrimp at this point.

Continue to let it cook and when it looks just about ready to eat add:

1 TBSP vegan butter

1/4 cup white

Keep stirring so some much of the wine cooks off and serve!

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