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Chagaccino. Aka mushroom coffee.️ Sound gross? Sound interesting? I had to try.

It was so good I kept “trying!”

So what is it?

A sugar-free, vegan, keto-friendly mushroom mocha to turn your coffee into amp’d up latte.

The signature recipe is from the highest quality 100% Wild – Foraged Chaga mushroom, flavored with all organic ingredients like Peruvian cacao, monk fruit and Ceylon cinnamon.

Did you know Chaga is said to have the highest antioxidants measured per gram?

Did you know it is one of the best food sources for immune support, anti-aging, energy boosting, cognitive function, stress relief and more?

The recommended recipe is two shots of espresso, one scoop of Chagaccino + plant-based milk over ice.

You can also drink it hot or add it to a smoothie.

See if your local barista carries it or order it online to enjoy at home!

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