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Chickpea Pasta with Feta, Lemon and Fresh Herbs

I love pasta. I do eat it only in moderation, but winter, spring, summer or fall, it just serves as one of my comfort foods. During COVID-19 quarantine, I think we kept Rao's in business with all of the tomato sauces we purchased!

One way I love to switch things up is to buy products like Banza, a pasta made from chickpeas. Rather than flour as a base, it's chickpeas instead, so the fiber and protein content go way up, making it a more rounded meal, and it satisifes in the same way.

I was under the weather and desperately needed to grocery shop, but wasn't poised to go do that. Instead I looked to see how I could make due with what I had in the kitchen.

I boiled a full box of Banza bowties in salted water. After 12 minutes, I drained off nearly all of the water. Placing the pasta, still in the pot, back on high heat I added:

  • A generous drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

  • Some fresh, chopped dill

  • A little bit of fresh rosemary (whole leaves, off the stem)

  • A 1/3 cup of vegan feta

  • The juice of half a lemon

It took very little effort and the result was flavorful, bright, colorful and satisfying ~ and I have leftovers so next time all I have to do is reheat.

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