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Citrus and Herb Salmon

I was recently introduced to Bachan's Japanese barbecue sauce and became instantly obsessed. When I found it in my local market, not far from the fresh salmon, I knew a recipe was in the works.

If you can't find Bachan's, you can use SoyVey or a similar Asian-stlye marinade.

In a large glass dish place two salmon filets.

Add a half cup of barbecue sauce, 1/2 a chopped scallion, 1 TBSP each chopped, fresh dill and chives, the slices of half an orange (blood orange preferred) and a drizzle of sesame oil.

Marinade for at least an hour in the fridge or overnight.

Heat a skillet, add a bit more oil, and place your filets skinside down. pour the marinade over the top, making sure the slices and herbs are on the salmon, and not just in the skillet.

Cook to your desired likeness and serve.

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