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When Plans Go Out The Window

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

If you're a parent, this will resonate:

You know those (pre-COVID) days you have planned to a T: gym bag packed, meetings scheduled, city parking space reserved, dinner with friends. And at 11pm the night before your child tells you that his stomach hurts, and all hell breaks loose at 2am?

I've had that night. It wasn't pretty.

Instead, here was my day in real time: I spent the morning running to my office to get my laptop instead of running at the gym, stopping for gas on the way home because, of course, my tank was nearly empty. I subsequently bought CVS out of anything to fight food poisoning, the stomach bug or the flu, and then gatorade, a bagel, some soup... anything my son could possibly maybe eat, want or need. And then I worked - deadlines and events don't have a pause button.

So at 6pm, still in sweats and a baseball hat, I was not going anywhere for dinner.

I opened my pantry and fridge and grabbed:

Some dry pasta (in an adorable pumpkin-like shape)

1/4 cup sundried tomatoes that I chopped

1 TSBP pignoli (pine) nuts

Vegan parmesan (I like Follow Your Heart brand)

Truffle salt

Extra virgin olive oil

Cabernet Sauvignon

I boiled a serving of pasta until al dente. Once I drained the water, I put the pot back on high heat with the tomatoes, pignoli (pine) nuts, a sprinkle of truffle salt and a drizzle of the EVOO and stirred until steaming. Once I poured it into a bowl, I topped it with a tablespoon of the parmesan. I let that all melt while I poured a glass of cabernet and VOILA! Delicious, fast, easy, flavorful and I could stay cozy and warm while I unwound. Perfect! I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as I did (and after a far less eventful day!)

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