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Longevity Fast

So…between my many birthday indulgences, some travel, and Tulane University parents weekend, I am in serious need of a reset before Thanksgiving. Who’s with me?

I’m starting the Longevity Fast 2.0 with Daily Dose Meals ~ a holistic program with the benefits of a water fast and without the food deprivation. This 5-day vegan gluten-free program helps improve cellular health and longevity and so much more else. Each day we’ll eat two plant-based, nutrient-dense meals, a full-fat healthy treat, and a cold-brew fasting green tea designed with House of Waris botanicals.

I did this once before and loved it! I reaped so many benefits AND was surprised by how satiated I felt. Join me!

Register at and use code YONNI at checkout for 20% off.

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