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Ravish the radish!

That is an unfiltered photo taken by me ~ isn't that salad beautiful?

That gorgeous purple colored vegetable is radish!

Watermelon... daikon... breakfast... these gems add a vibrant, healthy, crunchy zing to your plate!

Here are just a few of their amazing benefits:

Radishes are a good source of vitamins C, folate and riboflavin (vitamin B2).

They contain calcium + potassium which help regulate blood pressure and manganese which help regulate brain and nerve function.

Regular consumption helps alleviate constipation and aid in digestion.

They help reduce blood pressure

They are a diuretic and help in treating several kidney disorders, washing away toxins in the kidneys and blood

They can assist with rehydration after heat exposure

...and they clearly add gorgeous color to your plate to boot!

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