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You may know what tahini is. You might (not) know about halvah. But trust me, forget what you know (or don't know at all.) These are the best.

I used to go to Chelsea Market in NYC just to get their 3 bite sampler...

Both tahini and halvah are sesame-based products. The tahini is a paste and is perfect for salad dressings, as an ingredient in hummus or as a topping for falafel. Halva is a confection. It is sweet and firm but crumbly, and can be plain, have nuts, or be combined with flavors like chocolate, vanilla, mocha and caramel. Seed + Mill has flavors like cinnamon, crunchy peanut butter, date walnut, and more.

"At Seed + Mill we use the highest quality Ethiopian sesame seeds, roasting them to lock in flavor and nutrition. Add to dressings, smoothies, drizzle over proteins, salads or bake into cookies."

You may be able to find some at Whole Foods, but for a full list of products, including spices and chocolate, visit

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