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Shemesh Farms Spices

Every cook needs a great source for quality spices. On a zoom cooking class with James Beard award-winning chef, Michael Solomonov, I learned about @ShemeshFarms and I am ready to place an order!

“ShemeshFarms aims to empower young adults with special needs and diverse abilities by inspiring them to take on the responsibilities of building our social enterprise.

It inspires its employees (Farm Fellows) to strive towards independence, self-determination and a life filled with purpose, friendship and inclusion...Farm Fellows work at ShemeshFarms planting and harvesting, and creating our signature herb infused culinary salts and spices which we sell at ShemeshFarm Stands at Los Angeles area Farmer’s Markets and on their website.”

ShemeshFarms is a 501(c)(3) non-profit offering a dynamic environment and workplace “where all are treated with dignity and respect.”

In addition to the items you can buy: culinary spices, seed packets and Malibu honey they harvest at the farm, they currently also offer online classes in the culinary arts and community service opportunities when COVID protocols are lifted. Visit to shop or donate today.

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