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Springy, Zingy, Nutrient-Dense Salad

Need a hump day recharge? Or just a flavorful, springy salad?

This vitamin and nutrient dense plant-based salad has everything you need (and takes maybe 6 minutes to make!)

Shred one small head of iceberg lettuce

Shred one romaine lettuce heart

Dice 2 scallions

Chop one large handful of dill (large stems removed)

Chop one small handful of parsley

Add and 1/8 cup each of:

pumpkin seeds

hemp seeds

sunflower seeds

Drizzle with red wine vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, mix and serve!

Want more protein? Toss in some firm tofu or cannelini beans.

Want a hint of sweet with some antioxidants on the side? Add some dried cranberries

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