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The Benefits of Tea

Did you know that tea is the second most-consumed beverage worldwide after water?

The are four true types of tea: green, black, oolong tea and white.

Herbal teas are really tea in name only: they are made herbs, flowers and other ingredients with a variety of potential health benefits.

Green tea is said to have cancer-prevention properties, aid in metabolism and enhance cognitive function. Flavanols are a plant compound found in tea and are associated with lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar. One cup of green tea or two of black satisfy the daily suggested requirement. Polyphenols, also found in both, are said to help reduce inflammation.

Whether you prefer hot or cold, with a dash of sweetener or drop of almond milk, these winter months, when immunity is low, offer the perfect time to trade some of your coffee for tea and see how it works for you.

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