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An Apple a Day

I am not what people might call a “fruit person” but I appreciate the benefits from the fiber, vitamins, and nutrients they offer.

Fruit is also packed with sugar. Not the kind of sugar in cakes and candies, but it therefore metabolizes quickly, giving you a blood sugar spike and leaving you hungry soon after.

To make the most of the fruit you incorporate into your diet here are some tips:

Enjoy a little fat or protein with your fruit: ~ add berries to your yogurt or spread almond butter on your apple slices.

Cook it! Did you ever grill pineapple or peaches? Add that to your salad or as an accompaniment to a lean protein. The heat adds a natural caramelization and a little goes a long way.

Shop local or buy organic. Most fruit has an edible skin so try to avoid those that have been sprayed with chemicals. Check Environmental Working Group for the safest options and the dirty dozen.

Lower sugar fruits include: citrus, rhubarb, and berries.

Higher sugar fruits include: dried options (raisins, prunes, etc.) bananas, mangoes and grapes. (PS a new study shows that grapes may help fend against Alzheimer's disease.)

As with anything, moderation is key. If you’re packing a blender with bananas, dates and cherries, add some protein powder, seeds, nut butters or non-dairy milk to limit the sugar and add a fueling burst.

📸 cred: istock

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